Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Letter

Dear Stage Fright,

Why do you exist? I almost drove my best friend mad last night in preparation for a performance because of you. I danced in front of Bozenka last night (hence my nervousness) and prior to my arrival, there was mild hyperventilation, a slight feeling of faintness and nausea as well as a shaky leg here and there. Then when I got up to perform, all fears were gone in an instant! So, again, I ask...why must you even exist? I despise you. That is all.




  1. Nawar, I have NO DOUBT you rocked it out! I understand b/c I experienced the same feeling dancing in front of Kaeshi during a private lesson. I shared the private with a beautiful trumpet playing dancer who trained with Suhaila. We were improving for Kaeshi. I was sick to my stomach & it showed. I KNOW you were amazing!

  2. You had stage fright?? NO WAY! I know you did your thing!! Wish I could've seen you!

  3. Daania, I just saw this comment - only 3 months later lol. Yes, it was horrible stage fright! It was the worst I had ever experienced! =/