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January 1, 2011
Alright, so.... I was really trying to avoid making resolutions this year because, let's face it... I'm still waiting on me to work on things I promised myself from 1995 but considering the fact that the Mayan calendar predicts 2011 to be our last non-apocalyptic year, perhaps I ought to start making up the for the last 16 years. Here are my top five for 2011:

Number 5: Spend less time behind a computer screen.

The amount of hours I spend looking at a computer on a daily basis is absurd. I use one at work for eight hours and then come home and try to convince myself that I will merely "check my email". In this era of social networking, e-commerce and online audiences of people who broadcast how cute their puppy looks while sleeping via Youtube really makes it difficult to leave the couch and be more productive. Well, NO MORE! I'm going to work on that this year... starting right after I finish typing this blog... ;)

Number 4: Get more sleep.

For some reason, I found it extremely difficult to sleep at a decent hour last year. I blame it on the computer and the awesome re-runs of Criminal Minds that I've become addicted to lately. I used to go to bed at a reasonable hour - 10 PM, no later than 11. Now, I drag myself to bed around the 1 or 2 AM hour. Last year alone, I lost approximately 730 hours of sleep, or roughly 30 days. 30 days!! I'll never get that time back. This MUST change.

Number 3: Travel more.

There is so much world out there for me to experience and this year, I want to see more of it! I want to visit three countries I've never been to, surround myself with new culture and try new food. Well... I take the food part back. I am the pickiest eater and won't eat something simply based on how it looks when it's alive so... maybe I'll just stick with surrounding myself with new culture. :)

Number 2: Finally get rid of Joey!

Some will know what I mean, some won't, and I'm ok with that. :)

And my number 1 resolution for 2011... drumroll please... Maintain a positive state of mind.

I'll admit, I have not been the most positive person in the world. In my mind, the glass is usually half empty. What a sorry way to live, lol. I have an uncle, well, he's my mom's uncle. I'm not sure what our relation would be labeled as on the family tree but let's just call him my uncle. The man is in his 70s but you would never know it. He has looked the exact same since I was a little girl. He hasn't a care in the world and for that reason, he hasn't a wrinkle on his face. I always joke with my mom and ask her where the fountain of youth is that he drinks from or when his next Botox appointment is because there is no way he can look so youthful and vivacious at his age! He always has a smile on his face. I have never once seen him get angry - it's so amazing. I want to be just like him when I grow up, starting today. I will try my best not to honk and flip off people who turn into the lane I'm coming down, only to then drive 10 MPH in front of me.... I will try my best not to be so self-critical whether it be my hair, weight, my choreographies or what have you.... I will try my best to maintain a positive outlook on life in general and remind myself that there are so many people in the world who would kill to have my "problems" because for them, it'd at least mean three meals a day, clean water and a roof over their heads. I am truly blessed to live the life I do and I will remember that daily.

I realize that around January 30th some will have gotten wasted every weekend, smoked 60 packs of cigarettes, or decided to see for themselves whether or not Morgan Spurlock was really on to something in "Supersize Me". Whether you've vowed to stop drinking, quit smoking, lose weight, etc., I wish you an amazing 2011; or perhaps you've decided to start this year off resolution-free. Simply remember that our lives are a result of our states of mind... and in the words of Drake, my current love, "...everybody dies but not everybody lives." It's 2011. Live, my friends, LIVE! LoL. HNY!


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