Monday, October 25, 2010

Nawar joins Dreams Bellydance Academy!

I can remember the first time that I saw Nathalie. It was about the time that I discovered belly dance and started taking classes back in 2006. After gaining some experience, I combed YouTube, viewed several dancers whom I am still in awe of and admire today, and this is when I found Nathalie. The first video I watched of her took my breath away. I was a level one student and it was my very first time viewing dancer and drummer together on stage. I remember telling myself that I wanted to move my hips just like her one day! I also remember posting that particular video on my Myspace page - back then, Myspace was still cool. So it is funny that after all of these years, I came back to South Florida and Nathalie had opened up her own dance studio. A week after my move, I was taking classes at Dreams Bellydance Academy.

When I first saw Nathalie I was shocked! I did not expect her to be so compact but looks are deceiving because this tiny dancer is a powerhouse and packs a booming and commanding voice. If you do not know who Nathalie is, please take the time to read her bio on her website. She has accomplished so much and stories such as hers are so inspiring to dancers who wish to reach for the stars. I am totally inspired by her. I had the opportunity to perform at Nathalie's one-year anniversary party two weekends ago and it was such an honor to see firsthand just how dedicated she is not only to her dance but moreso to her students. Nathalie is so passionate about each and every toddler, teen or woman who walks through her doors and the quality of dance that students gain is undeniable. It is truly amazing to see how her dancers blossom.

I am quite excited and humbled to be part of the Dreams Bellydance Academy as an intermediate/advanced-level instructor. I felt welcomed after the anniversary party performance. I received lots of wonderful feedback, including that of someone who walked up to me and, with gumption, told me that when I first walked out she didn't think I'd be anything special but by the end of my performance, she could barely keep her mouth closed - she was speechless and told me that she would be honored to take classes with me. That made my evening. That is why I dance.

My first class will be a HOT (and challenging) 8-week drum solo choreography course beginning Monday, November 8th at 8:45 PM with a teaser class on Thursday, November 4th at 8:45 PM. The teaser class is free so that students can see if my class is right for them. It will be a blast!!! Students can register on Dreams Bellydance Academy's website. I cannot wait to share my passion with students this November. Go to the website and register now! And Nathalie, if you are reading, a BIG thank you for welcoming me into your studio.


First YouTube video I saw of Nathalie:

Dreams Bellydance Academy website:


  1. Nawar, congratulations! So excited for you, but you already knew this! :)

  2. Hi. I came across your blog while searching for Bellydance websites. Anyway, just want to say that it has been nice dropping by your blog.